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Cost of filming:

Commercial filming and photography fee is from $550 per hour incl GST. 

  • Additional fees for specific requirements may apply. 
  • Fees may not be charged if Taronga is highlighted or mentioned in the editorial/script. 
  • Fees may be negotiable if the filming/photography is for educational purposes.

For more information please contact Media Relations.

Conditions of filming:

1. (a) The Board reserves at its absolute discretion the right to refuse permission for photography on its premises. 

    (b) The Board reserves the right to refuse permission for photography which in its opinion may be in bad taste and/or damage the reputation of the Zoological Parks Boards, Board members and/or Zoo staff. 

2. Animals must not be unduly disturbed or distressed in order to obtain preferred positions or special effects.  Neither must they be handled by any person except under the supervision of a senior Zoo officer. 

3.  Filming must not interfere with normal Zoo working nor cause inconvenience to the public. 

4. Damage to property of the Taronga Conservation Society Australia or any member of the public present upon the Zoo premises which is caused by the Hirer or his Servants or agents will in every case be the responsibility of the Hirer and will be compensated for entirely by him. 

5. The Hirer and their Agents enter upon the premises of Taronga Zoo Park entirely at their own risk and the Board is not responsible for injury to the person or damage to the property of the Hirer or Agents whether caused by the negligence of the Board or its Agents otherwise. 

6.  In the event of personal injury being incurred by others than the animal attendant, the Hirer must accept full responsibility.  Veterinary fees resulting from injury to any animals is the Hirers expense and in the case of animal death, compensation to be paid at animal replacement value. 

7.  Payment will be made within 30 days of receipt of official Taronga Zoo account. 

8.  No commercial/major filming is undertaken during any busy school holidays.(Unless urgent and in that case each request will be assessed prior to approval)