December 2012

Christmas with the cockatoos!

When I was little I would ask Mum why the animals at Taronga Zoo get their presents earlier than me, she would say that Santa was so busy delivering children’s presents on Christmas Eve, that he made sure to drop off presents for the animals in the first week of December so they wouldn’t miss out!

Dinosaurs come to Taronga – meet Alec, Dino Expert!!

I don’t know much about dinosaurs but I have a mate that does! His name is Alec and he is 11 years old. He has loved dinosaurs and animals for ages – like lots of you! I have asked Alec to help me write about the dinosaurs here at Taronga. Here’s what he had to say about our Dinosaur Profile for December – the Coelophysis!

Lovely Land Lovers!

What animal leaves a slimy trail for his girlfriend; smells and eats with its feet and can hide in her hard shelled home? Snails, of course! And Slugs too! When I told Mum that I wanted to write about snails and slugs this month she told me this rhyme she’s known for a long time but that I had never heard before. It goes...

Kelly chats with me…

Kelly met my Mum last month when she invited Mum out to her school. She and her mates wanted to give Taronga some money they had raised for wildlife in their school. They wanted to adopt an animal and give some money to the Wildlife Hospital…

Ghost Bats rock!

One of the newest groups of nocturnal animals to arrive in the Australian Nightlife exhibit have made a big impression, not just on Kelly and their keepers, but on the guests who come to visit!