June 2013

White Rhino calf wins hearts

Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo were delighted one morning to come to work and see a truly cool sight! Overnight, Mopani, a female White Rhino, had given birth and the calf was already up and running about with its very protective mum!

Making new mates

always like to make new friends, but I must admit when mum asks if I’d like to meet her new mates, I usually think she means an animal because she works with so many Zoo animals. But this time I met Ben, who is a student at Freshwater Campus, that’s a school in Manly. Ben is 16 years old and has Down Syndrome. He comes to the Zoo to work as part of what he is learning about at school. Mum said it’s a bit like work experience. Read about Ben and his great work here.

Art goes Wild!

Recently Mum’s friend Ryan, who is teacher at the Zoo, went to a school on a Zoomobile. That’s where they take animals out to places when the visitors can’t come to the Zoo, like schools far away and nursing homes. They can even come to your house to have a birthday party! Anyway, when Ryan came back from this one school, he brought back with him a special gift! Check it out by clicking here…

Mice make marvelous mates

Have you heard of the RSPCA? They are a great organisation that helps to find homes for animals like dogs and cats. But they also help animals you might not think of – like Rascal and Sweetpea. My Mum’s friend Kat, who works with her at the Zoo, has these two special characters after she adopted them from the RSPCA. Click here to read some more and see some great photos!