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Two Takhi foals
Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Takhi (Przewalski’s Horse) foals, Dash and Khan are now six and three months old respectively and are starting to interact with each other.
Caramello and her twins
Taronga Western Plains Zoo welcomed two healthy miniature goats at around 3pm on Friday 29 June 2018.
Cheetah cubs being monitored via CCTV
Our Cheetah cubs were born on 6 June 2018 to mother Kyan and father Jana. Follow the journey of the first couple of weeks of the cubs through the eyes of their keepers.
Taronga's keepers reveal what they've learned about Chimpanzees from the incredible work of Dr Jane Goodall.
Elephant herd just after the birth
Read Elephant Keeper Joel Kerr's account as he reflects on watching the birth of the female Asian Elephant calf unfold at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.
Lowana West and Kirsty Hargraves
Come along to the NAIDOC Fun Day on Saturday 14 July from 11am - 2pm in the Savannah Visitor Plaza area near the children's playground.
World Meerkat Day 2018
Today World Meerkat Day is being launched at Taronga Western Plains Zoo!
Make a pledge this Plastic-free July
Can you go without one single-use plastic item for the month of July? We challenge you to make a pledge to change your plastic-use habits for one month!
Our 2017-19 Conservation Field Grant recipients are already hard at work saving species all over the world.
Keeper Lachlan in the field
Earlier this year I volunteered my time to assist with field work for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation in Uganda in the Kidepo National Park and Murchison Falls National Park.



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Public Notices

Update on three year old White Rhino Macheo
As part of a 10 year Centenary Master Plan upgrade, Taronga has submitted plans to build an Australian Habitat Exhibit (phase 1) which includes an overnight conservation experience called the Taronga Wildlife Retreat.
Taronga Zoo would not dissect animals for public display. Taronga’s first concern is always for the welfare and dignity of the remarkable animals in our care.
Taronga Zoo’s young male elephant, Luk Chai, 5, had some dental work on his tusks today. Taronga’s Senior Veterinarian, Dr Larry Vogelnest, said some elephants including Luk Chai, have brittle tusks that are prone to cracking and infection.