Episode 6

In this episode of Wild Life at the Zoo, love is in the air...well not quite. 

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Tang Mo the Asian Elephant wants to be a mother, she dotes on the three calves in Taronga’s herd but she hasn’t quite hit it off with virile bull elephant, Gung.

There’s been lots of practice, but before Tang Mo can be impregnated she pulls away.

An elephant reproductive team from Berlin joins Taronga’s keepers and vets to help Tang Mo fall pregnant.

Will the last adult female in the Sydney herd without a calf conceive?

And see Taronga’s Wild Life Hospital care for a rare sub-Antarctic species which washed ashore a staggering 2000 kilometres from home. 

Why couldn’t the Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal go back to the wild?

The aim of Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital is to rehabilitate as many patients as possible and send them back out into their natural habitat. But for ‘Franklin’, this was never an option. Find out why here.

Why is it important to get Tang Mo pregnant?

Tang Mo, along with four other adult Asian Elephants was brought to Taronga Zoo from Thailand in 2006 to establish the first Conservation Breeding Program for their species in Australasia.

Meet the Keepers

Meet some of Taronga's dedicated Keepers that feature in 'Wild Life at the Zoo' here. Learn about how they got into Zoo Keeping, why they're passionate about widlife and their most exciting and inspiring Zoo moments.

Asian Elephant

Learn about the Asian Elephant, including Taronga's involvement in conservation programs, and meet each of our herd members here.

Conservation Education with Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust

Helping educate school children about the importance of Asian Elephants and biodiversity, helps Sri Lankan communities to understand the need to conserve elephant habitats.

Fish for Good

Sea-lions, like Nala, need you to choose sustainable seafood products to ensure a future full of fish.