Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Dr Larry Vogelnest performs a health check on anaesthetised Orang-utan Jan Tan

Larry began working at Taronga Zoo in 1990, but his passion for wildlife was sparked during his childhood spent in South Africa.

As Senior Veterinarian, Larry leads a team of expert veterinarians and veterinary nurses dedicated to the care of Taronga’s fauna and 1,200 wildlife patients which are treated at the Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital annually.

Larry has been involved in some of the most complex animal transfers in Taronga’s recent history.

Dr Larry Vogelnest at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital

This includes the project to bring Asian Elephants from Thailand to establish the first Australasian Conservation Breeding Program for the species, the transportation of the Western Lowland Gorilla family from a Dutch Zoo, accompanying a Black Rhinoceros from Taronga Western Plains Zoo to England as part of a global breeding program and moving Taronga’s Chimpanzee community into their newly renovated sanctuary.

“I love the variety of animals I get to work with – anything from a frog to an elephant on any given day – my days are never boring. It’s also very rewarding work knowing that I am contributing to conservation of so many endangered species – either directly or through education.”