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Frances is one of four Veterinarians at Taronga Zoo – helping look after Taronga’s population of over 4,000 animals, as well and native species that are brought into the Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital.

Frances started her career in a domestic animal practice before undertaking a Masters degree in zoo and wildlife medicine and husbandry. She worked as an Intern at Taronga Zoo whilst studying for this degree and has been part of the team ever since. Throughout Frances’ 20 year career as a Veterinarian she has had encounters with animals as diverse as Grey Nurse Sharks to the lesser known Binturong.

The favourite part of Frances’ job is that every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to learn. Working at the Zoo allows Frances to use all of her skills as a veterinary scientist as well as a surgeon and physician.

“I really enjoy the many challenges my job presents, but the favoured aspect of the role is when we have successful animal births.”