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Keep Nick De Vos with Hunter the Koala

Nick has been a keeper for fifteen years.  He started his career working in a wildlife park before joining Taronga Zoo, where he has worked in the Australian Fauna division for the last twelve years.

Nick attributes his career choice to growing up around animals and having very supportive parents who didn’t shy away from their 8 year old son bringing home a menagerie of animals including venomous snakes!

In his time at Taronga, Nick has had the privilege to hand raise over 30 native animals from wombats, kangaroos to precious koalas such as Tilly.  He has also travelled overseas for several animal transfers ensuring they arrive safe and sound and settle into their new homes comfortably. His latest journey was to Los Angeles Zoo where he escorted a male koala named Hunter to his new home where he is set to become the lead breeding male.

Although there have been many highlights for Nick including working on the set production of  ‘Life in cold blood’, his most significant event was meeting his wife at the zoo who also shares his passion for wildlife.

“Being in this job I’ve been given the opportunity to teach and mentor others on the best practices on caring for Australian wildlife as well as at home by teaching my son to value wildlife and our environment as much as I do.”