Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Richard Buzas, Keeper

Richard Buzas has been working as a keeper with the Chimpanzee group and other primate species at Taronga Zoo for the past seven years.

Richard has been involved in one of Taronga’s largest animal operations; relocating the entire chimpanzee group to a temporary exhibit while their original home was extensively refurbished, and finally moving them back to the new Chimpanzee Sanctuary.  

He says their intelligence, social dynamics, family bonds and the individual personalities are amazing to see and a privilege to watch as they continually evolve on a daily basis.

Besides the complexity of all the new structures and ropes and hammocks in the Sanctuary, Richard is most excited about the ability keepers now have to introduce new animals into the group, with the addition of a new separation facility. This will ensure that the community will be even more successful for many decades to come and continue to be one of the most well regarded chimp groups in the world.

“Educating the public, supporting field conservation projects, and learning as much as possible about the animals for best husbandry practices, are the most important things that zoos can do. If we can master all of these aspects then the future is much brighter. I consider good zoos a form of Noah’s Ark of the future.”