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Keeper Roger Brogan

Roger Brogan has been working as a keeper at Taronga Western Plains Zoo for the past sixteen years. 

As a Senior Keeper, you never know what project you might be tackling next. Recently, Roger accompanied young Giraffe, Kiraka on a road and  ocean voyage to Auckland Zoo. Roger was involved in many months of meticulous planning to ensure Kiraka would have a safe and seamless journey to New Zealand where she will participate in the regional breeding program to increase the genetic diversity within the local herd.

Caring mainly for the Elephants, Giraffe and Camels at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Roger works  closely with these impressively sized hoofed mammals ensuring they are healthy and their lives are enriched on a daily basis. Roger says an essential part of being an ungulate keeper is to establish a close and trusting relationship with each individual as he works in close contact with them every day.

Working with an amazing variety of species from around the world is what Roger loves most about his job. He grew up working with animals so it was a natural progression for him to become a Zoo keeper. 

“There have been so many highlights in my career, but one that really stands out is releasing the endangered Malleefowl back into their natural habitat. I had been caring for these birds since hatching so it was an incredible moment for me to see them contribute to the future wild populations of this threatened species”.