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Lazarus the Lion

Share the emotional journey and sleepless nights with keeper, Nick who becomes a surrogate father to Tallow the koala joey.  Being a koala keeper may seem like one of the cuter and cuddlier jobs at Taronga, but rearing a koala which has been rejected by its mother, is one hard job. It requires 24 hour dedication and is a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows.

And it’s not every day an African Lion takes a flight from New Zealand to Australia. This episode shows the global reach of Taronga’s work to protect wildlife, as Lazarus the lion leaves his pride in Auckland to make a new home in Dubbo. 

A proven breeder at Auckland Zoo, Lazarus’ genetics are highly valuable and will help expand Taronga’s efforts to prevent this regal species from edging closer to extinction.

There’s high hopes for the young male lion, but will Lazarus be the King of the Jungle at Taronga Western Plains Zoo?