So, when you go to a new place – you probably have a good look around, smell some new things and maybe even taste new food. I know I like to try new places with Mum and we go to eat new food sometimes too. It keeps things interesting.

Big Cats

Well, it’s the same for the big cats lately. The lions were allowed to go in the tigers’ enclosure (the tigers were put in their dens first!) and the lions loved it! That’s what Jordon, one of the Carnivore keepers told my Mum.

They explored and ran around sniffing the new plants and platforms and even climbing some of the trees. But I had to laugh when Jordon told us that the tigers were big wusses and were afraid to come out of their dens to investigate their new surroundings in the lion exhibit.

I guess the tigers aren’t always the big cats – sometimes they are the big scaredy cats!