Mum’s friend Phil was walking by us the other day in the Zoo and told us about the Golden Tailed Geckoes that had recently hatched. He invited us to go and have a look and of course, I said: ‘yes, please’!

Golden Tailed Geckoes

These little geckoes come from Queensland in the wild and are pretty vulnerable there. That’s means there are not many left and soon they could be endangered! The keepers in the Reptile Department bred these eight little ones and they hatched in December last year.

The adults can get up to 7cm long, but these two little hatchlings are only 2cm long and weigh less than 1 gram, or less than a sultana. That’s tiny! The keepers don’t know if they are male or female, it’s really hard to tell when they are so young.

Phil said they didn’t have names yet… but said I could think of names. I chose Misfit and Magic, Oddball and Pokey, Garlic and Ginger, Tapper and Rapper!