Marley News July 2012

Well, a year ago the staff at Taronga Zoo were very excited! They knew that the Zoo's female tiger, Jumilah, was pregnant and that the cubs were due soon!

The cubs are almost mum's size

But they didn't know how many cubs she would have or if they would be males or females or anything! I bet they were nervous! I would have been. But, now, a year later they are just super happy I reckon! The three cubs, two males and a female, we're born on August 27, 2011. And a year later they are doing great!

They are really healthy, very active and love to play. And even through they were small at first - they are almost as big as Jumilah now!

I went to visit them when they were first born and they were very small and cute. Then I went to see them recently and they are huge! They are all grown up! 

If you would like to say Happy Birthday, you can draw them a picture or write them a card and I'll even choose some to go in Marley's News next month!

Send your pictures and birthday wishes to my mum's email at Taronga! and put 'Happy Birthday Tiger Cubs' in the subject line.

Or post it to us in the snail mail to


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