Marley News July 2012

What looks like a little kangaroo, has a pouch and the cutest face ever? It's Poppy-Lou the Quokka!

Poopy-Lou the Quokka

Never heard of a Quokka before?

That's ok, my mum's friend, Sam, told me that they come from a tiny island off the coast of Western Australia, so not many people who live on this side of the country know about them. I was so interested in the place Quokkas live in the wild that I looked up a map!

Anyway Sam was saying that Poppy-Lou was born in Sydney and her mother is on exhibit in the Australian section of the Zoo. But her mother couldn't look after her so Sam got to be her pretend mum! Poppy-Lou got to go home with her at night and Sam had to teach her how to drink milk out of a bottle like a baby!

Sam gave me some photos of Poppy-Lou then and now! Have a look at the album!