So, what is the coolest present you can give a kid who probably has already got heaps of cool stuff?  Well, Taronga Zoo was so happy for the Royal couple that the Australian Government  gave them a bilby! "What a cool present" I said when Mum told me, "but how do they get the bilby to England?" Then Mum explained it all. So its like this, it's not like they put the bilby in the mail with a bow wrapped around it or even fly on a plane to England. The bilby will stay living in Australia at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. It will just be adopted by Prince George! This means there will be a sign in front of its exhibit in the Nocturnal House, saying that the bilby has been dedicated to the Prince and that the billies are a symbol of friendship between Australia and England! I thought that was a lovely idea...once I understood that the animal wasn't going to live in a palace and be the Prince's pet! Check out the bilby for George next time you're at Taronga Zoo!

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