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Have you ever been told you that are too little to do cool stuff, like ride on roller coasters?

Fennec Fox kit

Well, I learnt that small things are very awesome and can do some great things.

Fennec Foxes, even when they are grown adults, are very small. A grown up male weighs about 1.5kgs, that’s not much. So when their babies are born they are so tiny, they can fit in a human’s hand.

Back before Christmas, Taronga Zoo’s adult Fennec Foxes, Kebilli (that’s the mum) and Zinder (the dad) had three little babies. A baby fox is called a ‘kit’. I thought that was a funny word because it sounds like kid :) 

Until recently the kits have been staying in their nest box, but now they’ve just started coming out into the big wide world. Lately keepers and visitors at the Zoo have seen them poking their heads out and getting adventurous, playing in the sand and climbing logs.

Their parents came from zoos in Europe. Kebilli came to live at Taronga from Poland, and Zinder came from Germany. In the wild, Fennec Fox live in the hot Sahara Desert and so they don’t burn their feet on the hot sand, they have furry feet on the bottom!

Now, that’s cool… or hot… pretty clever, right?