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Lions are incredible, don’t you think?

They are big and strong and live in groups, which is unusual for cats. Lions live in groups, called prides, of one big male, with a few females, who have his cubs.

Lazarus the Lion

Lazarus is a male lion at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Before moving to Dubbo he use to live at a zoo in New Zealand. Hopefully he will breed with some lionesses one day, but at the moment he is still exploring his new home, and of course impressing visitors with his lovely mane. 

My mum’s friend is a keeper and helps look after Lazarus. She said he loves food and learns new things quickly if he knows food is his reward (a bit like me and pocket money!).

In Sydney, Taronga Zoo has lions too, Bruiser and his mate, Kachanim love to have a catnap together on hot afternoons. Check out their photo below.

Sleepy Lions