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Andean Condor Bruce

It's not easy to get a bird so big and from so far away to breed, lay an egg and to have a healthy chick 62 days later. After Connie laid the egg, the bird keepers swapped it for a fake one so they could watch it closely and make sure it survived. On 9 December, the struggling chick poked her beak, then toes out of the shell, just in time for Christmas! The keepers then took away the fake egg and put Percy into the nest to meet her mum and dad. Both parents immediately accepted their new baby, who was pretty funny-looking, but then all bird chicks are!

Bruce and Connie are the only breeding pair of Condors in all of Australasia, so Percy is very special.

Andean Condors are almost the biggest birds in the world. When Percy grows up, her wingspan will be three metres– that’s longer than my bed! She will look like this.

Andean Condor chick hatches at Taronga

Taronga Zoo’s Bird Keepers are celebrating the hatching of a very precious Andean Condor chick.