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Zippy is an Ornate Box Tortoise that lives in the Education Centre at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

Meet Zippy

He came to live in Sydney because a man tried to bring him on a plane from his original home in America! But the man and Zippy were stopped in the Sydney airport and told that Zippy couldn’t live in Australia because it was against the law to have foreign animals as pets here. But, so that Zippy could be happy and the man could still visit him, the police said he could live at the Zoo. He’s happy now and has some other tortoise and non-tortoise friends, who he shares an area with.

Zippy loves to eat veggies and bright flower petals, but his favourite treat is – get this – maggots!! Ewwww! Most people may think he’ll be slow and easy going, but he got his name because he ‘zips’ around and out races all the other tortoises!