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I don’t know much about dinosaurs but I have a mate that does! His name is Alec and he is 11 years old. He has loved dinosaurs and animals for ages – like lots of you! I have asked Alec to help me write about the dinosaurs here at Taronga.

Here’s what he had to say about our Dinosaur Profile for January – the Triceretops!

The Triceratops had three horns

Triceratops was probably one of the most well known dinosaurs there was. It lived in the early Cretaceous period and ate a lot of plants. It was a common prey of the predators of the time, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Albertosaurus. It was a member of a group of herbivores called Ceratopsians. It was a herd animal with an extremely short temper. It was called Triceratops because: the ‘tri’ part of its name was because ‘tri’ means three, and it had three horns on its head. the ‘ceratops’ part of its name is because it's a Ceratopsian. The Ceratopsians lived throughout the Cretaceous period and all looked similar in basic appearance, but some had more horns, or a different head shape. The Ceratopsians had a slightly strange appearance that looked like a mix of bird and lizard. They all had a bony frill on top of their head and had beaks like birds. Ceratopsians would form a circle around their young if predators appeared. Triceratops was kind of like the bull of the Cretaceous, and it was easily confused with its close Ceratopsian relative, Torosaurus.

Taronga's dinosaur experience ends very soon, so I hope you all enjoyed reading my stories! 

Bye for now...

- Alec

Alec had drawn a picture of himself