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So? What’s up with Wapiti? Sometimes they get called Elk, and scientists call them Cervus canadensis! But at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, they call them Wapiti.

Kai goes for a run

They look like deer, but are heaps bigger. They come from North America and Canada and one of the biggest mammals from that area. The males are called bucks and they grow horns, or antlers, every year. Then the antlers get hairy and it makes them look like reindeers. After a while, the hairy fur falls off the antlers and eventually the antlers fall off completely! That must be weird for him. The female is called a ‘doe’ and they don’t have any antlers. Baby Wapitis are called foals and are so cute! ‘Kai’ is the newest baby Wapiti at Taronga Western Plains and is still very adorable and funny to watch, the keepers say. They told my Mum she jumps around and leaps in the air, and that Kai is a very happy foal.