Marley News July 2012

Do you play a musical instrument? I am learning the recorder at school but I don't think I'm very good at it. The only person in my family that seems to like it is my dog, Flea. He howls along and gets really loud, so loud mum has to ask me to play with him outside. But Flea and I reminded Mum of a story she had heard at the Zoo about Steve.

Leopard Seal Serenaded by a Saxophone

Steve is one of the elephant keepers but he is also a cool saxophone player! And one day the Marine Mammal keepers invited Steve to play his sax for the male Leopard Seal, Casey. I'm not sure why they wanted Steve to do that but it turned out Casey really liked it and came right down next to Steve.

Some of the keepers took photos of the two of them enjoying the music and I was amazed Casey could hear it through the glass, which is very thick to keep all the water in! Mum thinks maybe the music makes Casey happy because Leopard Seals sing to each other under water and can hear another seals' song from a long way away.

Casey is the only Leopard Seal to be cared for by a zoo anywhere in the world, so he doesn't hear other Leopard Seal songs, so he was very inquisitive and interested to hear the noise of the saxophone. Maybe, one day my recorder practise with Flea will pay off and I'll get to play for a seal like Casey? Mum says I will need lots and lots and lots of practise to be that good!


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