Marley News July 2012

The Taronga Wild! Rhinos education program is an exciting way you and your class at school can learn about rhinos and how to save them in the wild. I thought it was a great idea and so I asked my teacher if we can do it. He said yes! 

Wild! Rhinos for schools

So this is what happens. Your school gets to adopt and decorate their very own rhino calf sculpture. Plus your school will get a Taronga Wild! Rhinos education pack, this means your teacher can make up cool activities and lessons for your class, so you get to learn all about rhinos and what can be done to help them in a fun way.

Each school sculpture will be a part of the Taronga Wild! Rhinos trail  early next year. After that the Rhino calf sculptures will be on display at Wild! Rhinos at Taronga Zoo or Taronga Western Plains Zoo, before returning to your school. 

Show your teacher the website if you would like to be part of Taronga Wild! Rhinos.