Check out the cool colours!

So mum’s workmate Macca was telling me about these wicked-looking frogs, which are found in the really cold areas of Victoria and New South Wales, and unlike other frog species they are really used to the chilly conditions!

They like the snow and recently lots of eggs and little tadpoles were released back into the wild! But in the wild these frogs are endangered, and Macca was explaining that it is because of a fungus called Chytrid Fungus. Its covers the frog’s body and they can’t breathe, so they die. It sounds horrible but the zoo has a plan to try to help them!

Macca is part of the Herpetofauna team (that’s a big word but it means reptiles and amphibians) and it’s his team that looks after the Corroboree frogs and has helped them breed and lay lots of eggs! These eggs and tadpoles will develop into adults and Macca said he’d be really happy if these adults could breed and lay eggs so the numbers in the wild grow. Stay tuned to our website for more info… and follow the link to see more from Macca and his cool froggy friends!