Marley makes a new friend!

"Meet our new arrival. Habika the female Addax calf was born just over a week ago and is doing really well. She is still a little shy but can be seen on exhibit in a nice warm sunny area.”

This is what Mum’s friend wrote to her in an email about a new calf born at her zoo in Dubbo, Taronga Western Plains Zoo. When I did some research I found out that Addax come from Africa and they are an antelope. They are huge when they are grown, not small like little Habika, and have big curly horns. They eat grasses and plants that are found on the savannas in Africa and that means at the zoo they could eat lots of hay, but have carrots as treats. In the wild they are critically endangered and we have them in zoos so they will be around for a long time. Mums friend also wrote that Habika is a female and was very shy at first, staying really close to her mum. But that was a while ago, and now and she’s getting braver and running around her enclosure. She especially loves the sunshine! And in this cold winter weather I don’t blame her! Have look at my photo album below. Thanks to Mum’s mate at Western Plains for emailing them to me!