Marley News July 2012

I don’t think many people think of adopting tiny little creatures, like Sweetpea and Rascal. They are two very cute and friendly mice! They have become very special to Kat, Mum’s friend and now mine. She adopted them from the RSPCA about a year ago. They were there because a person who had a pet shop sold his business and had to give all the animals new homes. But Rascal and Sweetpea were hard to find homes for and he gave them to the RSPCA so they could help.

Cute mice

Kat has always loved mice she told me and only has a small house, so when mice come up for adoption on the RSPCA website, she is happy to put her hand up and help make them happy for the rest of their lives.

Just like all animals, they have their own personalities. Kat told me Rascal is getting old now and enjoys sleeping and resting, but that Sweetpea is younger and still likes to play, so Kat gives her plenty of things to play with so she will let Rascal rest. They sound just like Mum and me! I want to play all the time and my Mum likes to rest so she gives me toys and the job on this newsletter to keep me busy! Good luck Kat, Rascal and Sweetpea!