Marley News July 2012

A new baby is always exciting to keepers, but they get really happy about babies of really rare species like the White Rhino.

Male White Rhino calf

They come from South Africa and Kenya and there haven’t been any seen in the wild in a long time! The ones that do live there now live in special parks to keep them safe from hunters and make sure they have a place to breed and have babies, which are called calves. So keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo were very excited to come to work one morning and see another little rhino in the paddock!

He hasn’t got a name yet, but I don’t think that matters to his mum, Mopani. She has lived at Western Plains since 2010 and been a great mum and has done all the rights things to protect her calf as he gets use to being in his exhibit and around the other White Rhinos.

Rhino calves are pretty cute and often run around to explore their surroundings! Must be pretty adorable to watch a little rhino charge around and head butt its mum!

Check out pictures of Mopani’s little calf in the album below.