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Spotted Pythons are cool little snakes!

Mum’s friend Holly was telling me all about them and how amazing and strong they are! They grow to about a metre and a half long and they have these awesome brown markings that look like spots! In the wild they eat mice and rats and small birds and even little bats!

Min – the mini Spotted Python.

And guess what?! They can hang by the tail end of their body from a tree or a cave and catch those bats as they fly around! They wrap around the bat and hug it tight until it can’t breathe anymore (sometimes my Nanna hugs me that tight!), and then even eat them hanging from the tree by their tail! But Min didn’t look very strong – she’s still looks like a baby, but when I asked Holly how old, she said three years and that Min still has a lot of growing to do.

The python did look small – and very cute. She’s my new favourite reptile friend!