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They are a beautiful green and yellow frog with bright yellow spots under their legs. They are called the Yellow-spotted Bell Frog and they are new at the Zoo! 

Here’s the cool thing - until a little while ago, these frogs were considered extinct! No-one had seen them since the 70s! But then, about six months ago, a man with a farm on the Southern Tablelands, found some pretty frogs in his dam and told some people at National Parks and Wildlife. They came and looked at them and worked out they're Yellow-spotted Bell Frogs and they asked the Zoo Keepers at the Taronga to help.They took some of these frogs from the wild and now they are looking after them to breeding them, so that we can take some back to the wild.

It's very exciting! Mum said that frogs are very important to the environment and we can all look after frogs by picking up rubbish and keeping our cats and dogs inside at night. 

Yellow-spotted Bell Frog