Katydids look like Grasshoppers!

I was in my garden a while ago and I heard Mum call out “Katy did!” I thought a friend of hers must have turned up, but in fact she was pointing out an insect in the garden! She showed me and I looked closely, but it was hard to see at first because they look just like the leaves they hide in!

Katydids look like grasshoppers, they have long legs for jumping and walking around; and I reckon most people get confused between them! But they have longer antennae, so long that they reach behind the katydid’s body. And don’t make much noise like a chatty grasshopper; they stay super quiet to hide better!

Most of them live in shrubs and plants and eat them too! But mum was telling about one, called the Palm Katydid, it eats other insects and looks awesome with gnarly spiky legs!