Sooty Owl Chicks

Owls are probably my favourite type of birds, so when I met Grey and his owl chicks I was very excited!

Grey is raising two Sooty Owl chicks and they are very fluffy and grey – which I thought was funny because Grey is their keeper! They are small now, but when they grow up they will have brown feathers and be medium-sized. The females are a lighter colour brown than the males. They have a face that is pretty and I think looks like a heart shape.

Sooty Owls come from Victoria and some parts of New South Wales. They live in tree hollows and eat rats and mice, which they catch in their big talons! But the little chicks didn’t have very big talons yet and that’s why Grey cuts up their meat and feeds it to them.

In the wild Sooty Owls are nocturnal, which means they sleep in the day and are active at night. Have a look at the photos of Grey’s Sooty chicks :)