Mary and Mr Hobbs

Recently, Carnivore Keeper, Lesley, was telling me something about Mary! Mary is a cute little Sun Bear all the way from Canberra National Zoo. She was born there, and her mum and dad are still there, but the keepers from both Taronga and Canberra National Zoo thought she would like to come to Taronga. Mary was built a special box to travel on the plane in and a keeper from Canberra National Zoo travelled with her to make sure she wasn’t too scared and stayed calm, they even checked that Taronga had all Marys favourite food treats, like cottage cheese and dried figs!!. She had to go to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital for a while too, where they made sure she was well and healthy before she was put on display.

She is nearly 3 years old and has been getting along very well with Taronga’s male bear, Mr Hobbs! They have been seen playing and wrestling together and keepers are very happy with how they have made such good friends. I reckon making and having a friend like Mr Hobbs must have made the change of home easier for Mary. New friends would work for me if I had to move house and school! When you’re next at Taronga, see if you can tell the two Sun Bears apart. Mr Hobbs has a bow-tie like marking across his chest, while Mary has a ‘u’ shaped caramel panel. Have a look at some of the photos of Mary and Mr Hobbs having a great time together! Thanks to Mr Shah, who is a friend of Lesley, her keeper, for letting me show you some of his photos!