I don’t know much about Dinosaurs but I have a mate that does! His name is Alec and he is 11 years old. He has loved Dinosaurs and animals for ages – like lots of you! I have asked Alec to help me write some facts about Dinosaurs here at Taronga.

Here’s what he had to say about our first Dinosaur Profile!

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T-Rex, is known as the "king" of the Dinosaurs. It had everything it could want and need to hunt prey; the only problem was it had midget arms. This evidence triggered a chain reaction of research that lead to a theory that the mighty Dino-king was a scavenger! The T-Rex was originally thought to live in Mongolia, but more accurate clues said it lived in the USA and Canada. It was a very tough Dinosaur; it had to deal with strong prey such as Ankylosaur and Triceratops. And the environment it lived in was harsh; lots of volcanos and toxic chemicals were in the air and ground around it. The T-Rex was at the top of the food chain, the only thing it feared was another one of its own species. If it was a male, the females would be bigger and stronger. Tyrannosaurus Rex could run at 70km per hour if it wanted to! Have you ever watched a race car driving in a race? A T-Rex would be just a bit slower than that!

I look forward to telling you more about dinosaurs soon. See you next month readers!

- Alec :)

DINOSAURS are at Taronga Zoo Sydney this summer!

DINOSAURS are at Taronga Zoo Sydney this summer!
Life-size, life-like and wild, the Dinosaurs have settled in at Taronga this summer! Find out more here!