Giraffe baby TWPZ


Have a close look at your finger tip. See all the little lines and swirls and patterns?

That’s your finger print and every human has a different pattern on their fingers. And every Giraffe has a different pattern of spots and markings on their skin and in their hair. That’s one of the ways giraffe know who’s who in the herd!

When a calf is born the mother spends lots of time with it, licking it clean and getting to know its special marks and patterns. It’s pretty amazing and it’s so cool that the keepers at Taronga in Dubbo can tell their giraffe apart by their distinct spots and markings!

Pascal, the giraffe keeper in Dubbo, sent me some photos of the spots and told me how she uses them to work out which giraffe is which!! Have a close look and see if you can tell which spots belong to which giraffe….