Do you know what bugs I think are really cool and look almost like a little Dinosaurs? Praying Mantis!

They have got to be the coolest little bugs out there! They look tough; have claws that can catch and hold other insects tight, and very strong mouth parts to eat the outside shell of their food, which could be a cricket, or a cockroach!

At Backyard to Bush, the keepers are trying to breed and hatch little Praying Mantis and one day they hope to have some on display in the house down there! A baby Mantis is called a nymph, which I think is a funny word. Mum’s friend Kasm sent me some photos of her Praying Mantis because she used to keep them as pets and breed them at home! How cool is that? She is hoping to help the keepers at Backyard to Bush and hopefully have some mantid nymphs hatch soon!

Watch this space and I’ll try to tell you when it happens! But in the meantime – check out some of Kasm’s photos she sent me!