Get Started

  1. Decide on the Volunteer Position you would like to apply for;  you can do this by reading through our webiste or attending an information session
  2. Find out the opening dates for applications;
  3. When recruitment opens, download the description for the Volunteer Position and address the Selection Criteria; from our Volunteer Vacancies page
  4. Read the Volunteer Code of Conduct;
  5. Fill out the Application Form for the position advertised; 
  6. Send us your Application Form and Selection Criteria by the closing date.

Note: Unsolicited applications will not be accepted. Applicants must only apply for positions that open.

Next Steps

Applicants short listed as suitable from their application will be notified and invited to attend a scheduled interview. 

Successful applicants will be notified of start dates and training requirements shortly after their interview.

Further Information

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs
Taronga has designed different levels of volunteer participation, so no matter what your skills, interests and available time, there is a position that will suit you. More...

Taronga Zoo Volunteer Programs