Episode 3

See the very moment a tiger cub takes its first breath. With only around 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, Taronga Zoo recently increased this population by 1% and cameras were there when some very precious cubs entered the world, and zoo keepers finally saw the results of their incredible dedication and years of planning.

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This episode also shows the global reach of Taronga’s work to protect wildlife, as one of Australia’s most iconic natives, Hunter the koala leaves Australia to become the breeding male at LA Zoo.

Why do we send animals like the Koalas to other zoos?

Modern zoos don’t work in isolation - there’s a network of over 600 zoos worldwide that act like a giant Noah’s Ark for many species. To make sure the animals in world zoos are genetically healthy, it sometimes involves moving animals like Hunter between them.

Meet the Keepers

Meet some of Taronga's dedicated Keepers that feature in 'Wild Life at the Zoo' here. Learn about how they got into Zoo Keeping, why they're passionate about widlife and their most exciting and inspiring Zoo moments.

Raise your palm

Sumatran Tigers are losing their habitat to palm plantations. Join the campaign for the truthful labeling of products containing palm oil so you can make the choice to save this animal.

Enhancing wildlife protection in the Berbak ecosystem with Zoological Society of London

Our support for the important work of our colleagues at ZSL and in Indonesia continues to help protect tigers from poaching through direct patrolling and engagement of the local communities.