Taronga Zoo Sydney's Pygmy Hippo Calf Facts

Pygmy Hippo Calf Facts

  • With less than 3,000 Pygmy Hippos in the wild this is an incredible milestone for the zoo. 
  • She weighed about 5kg when she was born and is now the size of a piglet.
  • She is confident enough to duck dive under the water and flicks her ears just like mum.
  • The calfs mum Kambiri is affectionate, gentle and encouraging, constantly vocalising to communicate to her baby when it’s time to eat and swim. 
  • The calf sticks quite close to mum but it is very inquisitive and becoming more confident and starting to explore on her own.
  • Pygmy Hippo’s usually stay with their mothers for around 2 years before heading off on their own into adult life. 

Pygmy Hippo Calf Photos