Zoobiz – Winter 2011

Puzzle time

Our four Oriental Small-clawed otters not only like to be kept busy, but they like to have fun too! Our family of otters consists of Dad “Arnie”, named after Arnold Schwarzenegger because he looked big, strong and muscular. The other three otters are his off-spring. The eldest is female Bising with younger brothers Soa and Houdini.

Boral Youth at the Zoo Eco Fair

Teenagers took over Taronga’s Backyard to Bush environmental exhibit during the April school holidays to celebrate environment and culture at the annual Boral Youth at the Zoo (YATZ) Eco Fair.

Guests go Wild at the Taronga Dinner

Wild Frontiers - Taronga Dinner 2011, the Taronga Foundation’s 11th annual fundraising event took place at the Ivy Room on Wednesday 22 June and was emceed by the hilarious Effie. Thank you to the corporate partners who bought tickets, provided prizes and attended the event.

QBE Entertain Staff with an Open Air Cinema at Taronga

More than 280 QBE employees, business partners and family members attended the annual QBE Open Air Cinema Event at Taronga Zoo. This great event was held at the Zoo’s Concert Lawns overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Taronga Helps Fund Jane Goodall Congo Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Taronga Zoo has recently announced a five year partnership with Jane Goodall to expand the Tchimpounga Rehabilitation Centre,that marked World Environment Day 2011.

Zoo welcomes first Galapagos Tortoise hatchling in Australasia

Taronga Western Plains Zoo has achieved a national breeding success, hatching Australasia’s first Galapagos Tortoise in March this year. The hatchling came out of the egg on March 19 and has been carefully looked after by keepers and veterinary staff. It now weighs 100.6 grams and is only 8cm long but it’s doing very well.

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