ZooBiz- Summer 2012

Ausgrid Zoo Month

Last year Ausgrid Zoo Month was celebrated throughout the September school holidays and weekends in October. The focus of the event was on energy efficiency, demonstrating how even the simplest energy saving actions can have a positive impact on our environment.

Flying Komodos Flew the Taronga Flag

Bleary-eyed at 6:30am on Sunday the 6th February, Taronga’s newly-formed Dragon Boat racing team, the Flying Komodos, began to focus their energy at the water’s edge of Darling Harbour for what was going to be a very big day of Dragon Boat racing.

Milestone for Zoo just around the corner

This year Taronga Western Plains Zoo will celebrate 35th years of caring for wildlife on Tuesday 28 February 2012.

A “star” is hatched

Meet the newest ‘star’ at our Reptile World! Not only is the hatchling a Star Tortoise, but this is only the second time Taronga’s Reptile Keepers have bred this species in 30 years.

Ronnie gets the seal of approval

If you’re planning to come and watch the Ausgrid Seal Show any time soon, there’s one little seal that’s sure to impress. While this particular seal might be small compared to the other seals, Ronnie is certainly a star in his own right.

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