Meet the Keeper Feeds

Meet the Keeper Feeds

These Summer school holidays we're adding loads of extra animal feeds and Meet-a-Keeper events to our daily timetable, including extra opportunities to see the elephants, chimpanzees, otters and squirrel monkeys during feeding time, as well as chat to our Bird Keepers as they feed our spectacular birds that call our aviaries home.

Daily timetable

From 22 December 2018 to 27 January 2019 the following activities will be added to the daily timetable:


Blue Mountains Bushwalk Bird-feed & Meet the Keeper

  • 1.30pm, Map Ref. 5H
  • See animals native to the Wollemi National Park including a variety of unique species including the Regent Honeyeater.

Pelican Feed & Meet the Keeper

  • 2.00pm, Map Ref. 6J
  • Discover more about the Pelican – one of Australia’s most magnificent wetlands waterbirds.

Bush Birds Bird-feed & Meet the Keeper

  • 2:15pm, Map Ref. 10K
  • Find out about Australia’s delightful bush birds, including the Eastern Yellow Robin, as they enjoy an afternoon feed. 

Palm Aviary Bird-feed & Meet the Keeper

  • 2:15pm, Map Ref. 14F
  • Learn about some unique and spectacular rainforest birds, including the Superb Fruit-dove, as they have an afternoon feed.

Otter Feed & Meet the Keeper

  • 2.30pm, Map Ref. 13D
  • Enjoy the interactions of Taronga’s energetic otter family as they have an afternoon feed.

Squirrel Monkeys Feed & Meet the Keeper

  • 3.00pm, Map Ref. 9L
  • Join the Squirrel Monkeys for their afternoon feed and learn more about these agile animals.