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Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Asian Elephant Breeding Program

The Asian Elephant was once common throughout the continent, but human encroachment has reduced its numbers by 75 per cent over the past 70 years.

Black Rhinoceros Breeding Program

Poachers in Zimbabwe are decimating this species – numbers dropped from 546 to 432 in 2009 – but Taronga’s breeding program has produced 11 calves.

Brush-Tailed Rock Wallaby Breeding Program

During the early 20th century hunters slaughtered this wallaby, killing it for fur and as a farm pest, but Taronga’s breeding program means the 21st century will be brighter for the species.

Long-nosed Bandicoot Breeding Program

Like many animals that live in urban areas, the Long-nosed Bandicoot is at risk from cars and pets. Taronga is planning a breeding program that will help replenish their numbers.

Regent Honeyeater Breeding Program

By asking retailers where their firewood comes from and saying “No” to timber from Box-Ironbark trees – the disappearing home of Regent Honeyeaters. If you have space, plant Box-Ironbarks on your land.
tasmanian devil

Tasmanian Devil Breeding Program

This large carnivorous marsupial is found only in Tasmania. The species has been ravaged by a contagious facial tumour disease and the population has dropped 60 per cent since 1996.