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October 2013

In October, Marley tells us the story of Jamilla’s sore tooth! Did you know that Taronga is really old? Find out how snakes can find love and rock out with Zoo Grooves! Check out Marleys October News now...

September 2013

In September, Marley tells us the story of Dragon the Sooty Owl. As well as the new Tasmanian Devil joeys, introduces to everyone's favourite animal Pugsley and tells us about the exciting Aussie Animal Trading cards you can collect! Check out Marleys September News now...

Fantastic file snakes

Snakes are incredible animals. They don’t have eyelids and their jaws are so flexible that they can eat prey much larger than their head. They also have ears; it’s just that we can’t see them! However the Australian File Snake is different yet again! Find out why they are so special...