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Regent Honeyeater Breeding program

Wild populations of the Regent Honeyeater have declined mainly due to the clearing and fragmentation of woodland and forest containing its preferred Eucalyptus species. Long term recovery of the species requires a landscape approach to conservation involving the retention of ‘key’ eucalypt species

Regent Honeyeater Breeding Program

By asking retailers where their firewood comes from and saying “No” to timber from Box-Ironbark trees – the disappearing home of Regent Honeyeaters. If you have space, plant Box-Ironbarks on your land.

Australian Breeding Programs

Working in partnerships with other zoos and organisations, Taronga is actively participating in breeding programs for Australian native animals, such as the Brush-Tailed Rock Wallaby of which there are only estimated to be 15-30,000 left in the wild.