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Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Youth at The Zoo,

YATZ @ Taronga Zoo

Find out about membership as a member of Taronga Zoo's 'Youth at the Zoo' program.

For The Wild

At Taronga, we believe that wildlife and people can share this planet. We’re working tirelessly to achieve a shared future, helping threatened species to breed, protecting their genetic diversity and even re-introducing them to the wild. Visit page to find out what Taronga stands for.

Taronga Zoo Wayfinding

If you think you’re seeing large green dots appearing around Taronga Zoo over the coming weeks, don’t worry, you’re not seeing spots. You are witnessing the very beginning of the exciting and innovative project to make it easier for our guests to navigate their way around the Zoo.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

The conditions of entry protect visitors, Taronga Western Plains Zoo and most importantly our animals. Please check them and behave with consideration for others during your visit.