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Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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State of the Art Equipment

A bequest enabled the Taronga Wildlife Hospital to purchase a digital radiography system. The system is portable, allowing veterinarians to take equipment out of the Hospital to radiograph animals in their enclosures.

Powerful Owls

Two fledgling Powerful Owls were admitted to the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital, two weeks apart.

Buller’s Albatross

Staff from the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital became involved in a wildlife rescue while they were on a scientific sea bird boat trip off the coast of Wollongong.

Green Turtle

A Green Turtle known to locals of Lovett Bay in Pittwater, was found tangled in fishing line that was also caught up in a boat anchor.

White-bellied Sea-eagle

A White-bellied Sea-eagle was taken to the Taronga Western Plains Zoo Wildlife Hospital after a local resident found it collapsed and unable to fly.

Greater Glider

A Greater Glider (Petauroides volans) was sent to the Wildlife Hospital at Taronga Zoo after it was found tangled in a barbed wire fence.

Little Penguins

The Taronga Wildlife Hospital receives approximately 35 Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) each year.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Stories

Thanks to keen-eyed and kind-hearted members of the public, Taronga’s wildlife hospitals have saved many injured animals found in the wild. Read some of those stories here.

Wildlife Road Safety Tips

If you come across injured wildlife take some simple steps, such as keeping the animal warm and minimising noise – then contact a wildlife group, veterinary hospital or one of Taronga's wildlife hospitals.

Wildlife Rehabilitation

When an injured animal is brought to one of Taronga’s Wildlife Hospitals, the veterinarians’ ultimate aim is its release back into the wild. Wherever possible the rescuer is involved in that exciting event!