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Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Living Classrooms brings learning to life by immersing students in nature and letting them to interact with a variety of animals.

Wild Asia at Taronga Zoo

The Village School learning facility, set in the Wild Asia rainforest and near many Asian animals, provides a unique and inspiring location for talks and programs.

Backyard to Bush at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo’s Backyard to Bush is an extraordinary journey through Australian animals – from the pets and creepy crawlies that share our homes, to the farm, and the mysterious bush...

Booking & Costs

With great rates for groups and discounts for students, the Zoo is a perfect day out for classes and care groups. To take advantage of our workshops, make sure you book in advance.

OOSH and Vacation Care Groups

Taronga Zoo’s workshops for children aged 5 – 12 years in vacation care, are a great way to add an educational element to a fun day out with the animals.

Taronga Zoo: Aboriginal Workshops

Animals of the Dreaming Workshop explores ancient Australia through its fauna and fosters an appreciation of Aboriginal culture, native animals and our relationship with the land.

Taronga Zoo: Stage 4 to Stage 6

Taronga’s Stage 4 and 5 resources include discussion and detailed consideration of the roles of modern zoos, delivered in an engaging way by our trained educators.