Free-Ranging Corroboree Frog Nursery Project

A disease caused by Chytrid Fungus has made this Australia’s most endangered frog, but by placing zoo-bred eggs in fungus- free ponds in the wild, this project may ward off extinction.

Daintree Reforestation with Rainforest Rescue

This project worked with members of the community to revegetate cleared and degraded areas of the ancient Daintree lowland rainforest, helping to protect the Cassowary.

Elephant Conservation Education

Helping educate school children about the importance of Asian Elephants and biodiversity, helped Sri Lankan communities to understand the need to conserve elephant habitats.

Fauna Surveys with National Parks Association

By recording the rich wildlife of River Red Gum forests in the Riverina Valley, this project was able to advise the NSW government on the ecological value of this habitat.

Improved Anti-Poaching with Asian Rhino Project

Thanks to this project, which strengthened anti-poaching patrols and monitored stray rhinos around the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, in 2009 poaching decreased by 50 per cent.

Malleefowl Release Monitoring

This project supported efforts to repopulate the mallee landscape with these precious native birds, by monitoring Malleefowl after they had been released into the wild.

Primate Reintroduction Surveys

Before a group of critically endangered Hatinh Langurs, which had been bred in captivity, were released into the wild, vital surveys helped ensure their reintroduction would be a success.

Protecting Borderland Cheetahs

Habitat loss in Botswana has encouraged Cheetahs to hunt livestock and so pitted them against humans. This project worked with farmers to reduce opportunities for Cheetah attacks on their stock.

Protection of the Fijian Crested Iguana

Taronga is helping local landowners and the Fijian government ensure a future for the endangered Fijian Crested Iguana by translocating iguanas to new locations.

Providence Petrel Research with UNSW

To protect this burrowing bird by expanding its habitat, colonies had to be moved from Lord Howe Island. This research helped ensure the birds would stay to colonise their new homes.

Reduction of Reptile Trafficking

Stopping the turtle smuggling that feeds an illegal pet trade in the West is vital to saving endangered reptiles. This project trained customs officers to identify trafficked turtles.

Reintroduction of the Bogul with UNSW

Boguls have suffered from competing with Black Rats, which often carry disease, for food and habitat. Taronga helped work out how to give the Bogul the edge over their chief competitor.

Silvery Gibbon Preparation for Release

This project created a “soft release” enclosure in a Javan forest to ease rescued Silvery Gibbons into the wild. The process resulted in the first two releases of this species ever made.

Well Closure with Ecolodges Indonesia

Abandoned wells in Sumatra have become death traps for wild animals, particularly young elephants. This project closed 1,965 wells over 12 months and rescued two elephants.