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This project builds on early assessments of the Gosford Coastal Open Space System (COSS) - a network of bushland reserves that were created to preserve the landscape and prevent further deterioration of habitat. There is little hard data on the effectiveness of the corridors but, there is anecdotal evidence that many wildlife corridors linking these reserves are not working effectively, increasing the risk of inbreeding and loss of biodiversity.

This project will use a combination of fi eld and genetic survey methods to assess connectivity of species with different life histories and dispersal capabilities. From this data we will determine the minimum habitat requirements of these species (e.g. reserve size, vegetation, corridor width and length) to inform where best to establish habitat corridors.

Samples have been collected by project partners for the last two years and now Taronga’s genetic experts are working with the Greater Eastern Ranges group to expand this analysis and broaden the impact of management recommendations.

Project Partners

Taronga: Dr Jo Day

Greater Eastern Ranges: Dr Gary Howling

University of New South Wales: Professor Bill Sherwin